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T-bone Steak - Certified Island Beef

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The T-bone steak the striploin and the tenderloin together in one bone in steak. At one end of the shortloin primal that the steaks are cut from, the tenderloin portion of the steak is larger and steaks from that end are typically sold as Porterhouse steaks at a higher price point, but we sell the all of it at the same price so you may get an extra bonus.

Choose AAA Certified Island Beef for a buttery texture and a lower price point – Grass-Fed and finished with grass and potato, then wet-aged - so while it has a less intense flavour than dry-aged, it will taste great and shine in it's own right due to the more consistent superior marbling. 

  • Fresh
  • AAA or better
  • 2  x 16 oz steaks per package