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Tenderloin Steak - Certified Island Beef

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Made famous by its buttery texture, this steak is cut from a part of the loin that does very little work and has almost no connective tissue. As a result, the tenderloin steak boasts unmatched tenderness and a mild flavour. While it is a standout steak with just a little salt due to its tenderness, it is often served with mustard or other tangy sauces. Craving steak tartare or beef wellington? This is the cut for you! 

Choose AAA Certified Island Beef for a buttery texture and a lower price point – Grass-Fed and finished with grass and potato, then wet-aged - so while it has a less intense flavour than dry-aged, it will taste great and shine in it's own right due to the more consistent superior marbling. 

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  • 2 steaks per package
  • 14 oz total