Striploin Steak - Certified Island Beef

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Well-marbled and tender, striploins are a go-to steak for the grill, the stovetop or the oven: they’re a well-recognized cut that delivers great taste and pleasant texture without the high price point of the Ribeye. Cut from the longissimus muscle in the short loin, it is both tender from not being much worked and flavourful from good marbling and bloodflow – and there’s lots of it, unlike the famous tenderloin! Our striploin is great option for all quick-cooking methods and especially popular during barbeque season.

Choose AAA Certified Island Beef for a buttery texture and a lower price point – Grass-Fed and finished with grass and potato, then wet-aged - so while it has a less intense flavour than dry-aged, it will taste great and shine in it's own right due to the more consistent superior marbling. 

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  • AAA or better
  • 20 oz per package
  • 2 steaks per package

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