Flat Iron Steak - Certified Island Beef

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The second most tender cut after the tenderloin but at half the price! Additionally, it's got more flavour! Usually flavour is a trade off for tenderness because the more work a muscle does, the more flavourful it is but the tougher is and vice versa. The flat iron is a special case since it comes from a part of the cow that does a lot of work but that particular muscle does not, so it gets the flavour benefit of the additional blood flow of the hard working area but it remains very tender.

Choose AAA Certified Island Beef for a buttery texture and a lower price point – Grass-Fed and finished with grass and potato, then wet-aged - so while it has a less intense flavour than dry-aged, it will taste great and shine in it's own right due to the more consistent superior marbling. 

Two 1/2 pound steaks per package.

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